I don’t want to blog.

I realize that my choice of title is a bit strange for a first blog post, but it’s the truth – I’m not yet convinced that I actually want to blog. I’ve stubbornly avoided it for years and a part of me is pained that I have finally caved. I enjoy writing but could never decide on a topic to focus on – still haven’t figured that one out.┬áThat’s ok though because at this point there is a grand total of zero readers, so I think they will be 100% satisfied with whatever I decide to write. We shall see.

I may not know exactly where this thing is going, but I can predict a few topics that will appear – all lightly dusted with a smattering of sarcasm because it is my second language:

  • UX design (and design in general) – hazard of the trade.
  • Side projects – I get bored easily.
  • The Midwest – my favorite fly-over states.
  • Fast pitch softball – also known as the best sport ever.
  • Photography – my favorite hobby.

Some other things to note:

  • Proper grammar is a firm suggestion, not an absolute requirement. I’m not writing an academic essay here. If I was, you could expect long words when short ones would due and an overabundance of my beloved semicolon. For this blog, however, I’m not going to completely nerd-out on my grammar checking, especially since sometimes proper grammar sounds just plain weird.
  • I tend to exaggerate when retelling stories, mainly because I don’t remember details. It’s anything but subtle. For example, if I ever say it was 47,000 degrees outside you can assume it was hot; however, since I’ve never been to the sun you can also assume it was a slightly more reasonable temperature – one that would not vaporize everything in sight.