The Big 5-0

The start of The Big 5-0 came from a simple realization: I was in a Photoshop rut. I use PS almost daily, but I find myself using the same small set of features. There’s so much more to explore, I just needed an excuse to do it.

Now of course I could do one of the thousands of helpful tutorials online, but the end result is inevitably something I will shove in a folder and never see again. Don’t get me wrong, I love tutorials – I just prefer to use them to make something of my own. Instead, I decided to make up a project that would A. be fun (the most important part), and B. force me to flex some Photoshop (and typography and Illustrator) muscle.

For the topic of this project, I chose the 50 United States. I’ve been to a significant chunk of them and have amassed an abundance of oh-so-useful, random geographic knowledge in the vault that is my brain.┬áThe basic plan was to have a 500 px square for each state, with the name of the state and a (not at all sarcastic) state motto.

As I started my self-imposed homework, I used state outlines from here and fonts from the sites below:

I actually had a blast making these, and I think they turned out pretty well. In future posts, I’ll discuss some of the individual designs. To see them all, it’s just a click away.