Hallmark I am not

This is the start of another side project created as an excuse flex some creative muscle. With The Big 5-0 I worked mostly in Photoshop and by the end I was much more familiar with PS features I don’t often use.

For this project, I have a new target: Illustrator…my nemesis. I don’t use Illustrator for much more than drawing the occasional vector graphic, but not for lack of trying. I’ve gotten so used to Photoshop that I tend to move from Illustrator to PS as soon as I can, even if Illustrator is truly the superior application for the task. If Photoshop is my crutch, Illustrator is a beaver trying to gnaw on that crutch for dinner. That analogy made more sense in my head, but I’m going with it.

Once I decided to tackle Illustrator, all I needed was a topic. Browsing through a depleted post-holiday greeting card aisle, it hit me: greeting cards. Why? Because greeting cards are boring. Yes, there are some real gems out there – 55 Hi’s has some ingenious cards in both copy and construction. In general, though, cards are fairly stale due to the need for mass appeal. That’s where this project comes in.

Since I doubt I’ll actually do anything with the cards I design, there’s no need to worry about what people will or won’t respond to. Plus, the graphic options are endless so I can endure various forms of Illustrator torture. Let the fun begin.