It’s the end of CAPITALS so STOP SHOUTING.

With the conclusion of CAPITALS, it’s time to turn the caps lock off. To see all the capital squares together in one place without the awesome commentary (ha!), head on over here.

I really didn’t think I’d get through all 50, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave some sorry capitals untouched. While completing this weird little project (something that will likely be a recurring theme on this blog), I learned a few things:

1. Not only does Christopher Columbus get his own holiday (albeit a barely recognized one), but he also has TWO state capitals named after him. That’s right…Columbus, Ohio and Columbia, South Carolina were both named after the directionally challenged explorer.

2. There are a lot of capitals. Of course I realize that there are 50 (something I was well aware of when I started), but it sure seemed like an especially large 50. The 50 states were so much easier to finish.

3. Bismarck has a “c” in it. This was truly shocking. As one of the 5 people outside of North Dakota who actually knew of the existence of Bismarck, I was floored when I realized I had been misspelling it all these years. Ok, it’s not like I actually write about Bismarck ever, but if I did I certainly would’ve misspelled it. I even had to triple check to verify that there is indeed a “c” buried in there.