Product-focused website


In order to support the U.S. launch of the AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 blood glucose meter, I designed and implemented a product-focused website to complement the corporate site and product branding.

The initial goal for the site was to generate interest in the new meter before commercial release by highlighting key features while also demonstrating how the meter, combined with the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager app, is part of a larger system to make life easier for people with diabetes and those who support them.

Basic requirements


Fully responsive

The site is designed to look good on large screens, small screens, and everything in between.


Multiple CTAs

Multiple calls to action direct users to sign up to learn more about the product.


Custom forms

Forms are styled to fit into the overall site design rather than using browser defaults.


Event tracking

Event tracking code is used to track events such as form submissions and app downloads to help optimize future marketing efforts.