I first became addicted to photography when I learned how to develop black and white film. Then the digital age rolled in and I jumped onboard. I don’t claim to be a professional photographer and I don’t play one on tv, so the quality of these photos may vary. Some are included because of the high-quality results, others simply because I like the picture.


Desert, mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. So. Much. Nature.

New Hampshah

That’s “New Hampshire” for those who don’t speak New England.

New Hampshire's Neighbors

Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. Accent optional.

Acadia National Park

One of the coolest parks around, with some of the best New England accents.

The Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul. They go together like cheese and, well, just about anything.

Northern Minnesota

Wave to Lake Superior. If you hit Canada, you’ve gone too far.

The Middle

I’m a proud midwesterner, so of course I have a Midwest section. Proof that it’s more than just corn.

Arches National Park

On a cross-country drive that took me through Utah, I had to stop at Arches National Park.

Hawaii & Florida

Maui, Miami, and the Keys. Sun, sand, and salt water.

The Left Coast

A trip to the West Coast to see some fog (and other cool stuff).


Scenic views from the land of salsa and guacamole. And pelicans.

Lake Chapala & SLP

Lake Chapala, San Luis Potosí, and the road between. Muchos plant photos because macro lenses are fun.


Southeast Asia at its best. Lots of plants, birds, and monkeys.


Pandas and the Great Wall. That’s right…pandas.

Florence & Venice

I always thought it would be cool to visit Italy. I was right.

England & Scotland

Photos from across the pond – London, Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverness. No Nessy sightings though.

Stuff gets wet

Throw stuff in water. Take pictures. Repeat as needed.