UX designer by day

sleeping UX designer by night

photography hobbyist

fastpitch softball enthusiast

As a user experience designer at AgaMatrix, Inc., I design blood glucose meters, websites, mobile applications, and everything in between. Of course medical devices aren’t generally categorized under “fun” (or even “cool” for that matter), but I’m not one to be deterred by a challenge – that’s the fun part.

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Wireframes, prototypes, documentation, oh my!

UX design can be difficult to explain because the process, deliverables, and end result can vary greatly from project to project.


Market research and user research are key, unless you already know everything about everything. I don’t.


It all starts with an idea. Or lots of ideas, often sketched on whiteboards and/or Post-it® notes.


Design isn’t magic, so things don’t just appear. Design, test, improve, repeat. Magic wand sold separately.

Mockups & Prototypes

Whatever you call them, these help bring concepts to life before committing to a final design.



It’s not the most exciting part, but a well-documented design helps everyone keep their sanity.

Final Design

All the pieces have come together to form a complete product or interface (impeccably documented, of course).


Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s the perfect excuse to get outside.

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Beyond the resume

8 incredibly uselessful facts that might be interesting. Or not. Your choice.

Outside of work I enjoy photography and softball (especially fastpitch). At any given time, I have a healthy selection of softball bats in the trunk of my car, just because.

I am originally from the exotic land of Minnesota. That means I measure distance in time and understand the true meaning of winter. You betcha.

I don’t drink coffee or tea. Never fear – I get ample caffeine from Diet Coke. In related news, Diet Coke is pop, not soda. See above for more information.

I’m not a programmer, but I have been known to dabble in Processing, C, C++, Objective C, PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript and SQL. OK, technically some of this is on my resume.

I can name all 50 states and their capitals (no cheating allowed). That shouldn’t be impressive, but it’s a dying skill.

As a kid I collected M&M dispensers and business cards (weird, I know). The business cards are long gone but the M&M collection continues to grow.

My favorite word is triskaidekaphobia – fear of the number 13. Why? Because it’s just a cool word. For the record, I do not suffer from triskaidekaphobia.

I don’t eat seafood. However, I firmly believe that cheddar goldfish crackers should be part of any well-balanced diet.