What I’ve been up to

Below is a sample of some of the projects I’ve worked on. They include projects done for work, school, side projects, and just for fun.

AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager


Track glucose, carbs, insulin, and weight in one convenient app.

AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2


A Bluetooth® enabled blood glucose meter that syncs automatically.

Be the Ice Sculptor

School of Motion

Final project for Animation Bootcamp. Spoiler alert: always be the ice sculptor.

Render Queue

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Simplifying the task of monitoring a render queue.

HUD for 3D Modeling

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Brainstorming methods for direct selection in 3D character modeling.



Product-focused marketing website to highlight a new product launch.

Intra-Oral Dental Scanner


Turn down the opportunity to play with a cool piece of medical equipment? Never.

Alphabet Cities

Just for fun

Ever feel like you keep seeing the same city names over and over? It’s because you do.



The first FDA-cleared blood glucose meter to connect directly to the iPhone®.



Rebuild the company website. Make it responsive. Ready, set, go.

The Big 5-0

Just for fun

An excuse to play around with typography and proof that I will never be in charge of creating state mottos.


Just for fun

Another fun little project – this time giving the state capitals a little motto love.


Just for fun

Charts are cool, especially if they move.

Arduino Projects

Indiana University

What do you get when you combine Arduino boards, wires, resistors, LEDs, and ultrasonic sensors?

Maya Modeling & Rendering

Indiana University

Adventures in modeling, texturing, and rendering. I’m no Maya pro, but it sure is fun!